HW & HW+ Decoder?

Hw+What is HW+ Decoding? Mx player make a difference in the word of video playing android apps. First there was SW, it was intended to play for computers. Cpu was enough to play the videos, high definition require more than cpu. Manufacturers have installed chipsets on their devices that assist the decoding for playing video. The HW decoder uses these chipsets to play video instead of the CPU. MXplayer own chipsets is being used by HW+ as incompatible to the device specific.

HW+ decoding is not supported by every device. App crashes may occur, these are due to different device operating systems. There are hundred of forums to solve these kinds of crashes and supported devices list so don’t worry. Moreover, this app uses mobile device audio decoder to decode movies. There is chance that video may run without any volume or audio. To avoid this problem, you can alter mxplayer setting to prevent mobile audio codes by changing decoder settings to HW+ audio SW video.


Be that as it may, HD and UHD movies is more disposed to require an extraordinary codec to be perused. Complex in just implying that that additional code probably won’t be upheld in the chipset in the gadget or in the capacity of the player to unravel and play. That is the reason custom codecs get set up and could be the distinction between why one gadget that has more produced chipsets or the player with the codec to translate can play certain connections superior to a promoted gadget with lesser sound/video capacities.


HW and HW+ uses GPU for H.264 decoding. They performance much better from SW which uses CPU for decoding. HW can perform better than HW+ in most of the Cases, but there is a chance it does not work smoothly on many mobile devices.to help give alternatives to a few people having issues gushing connections. Be that as it may, the issue is, as I stated, that there can be nobody answer for everybody bc of the considerable number of factors.

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